I released some of my first software products back in 1994 and since then I have released a broad range of projects across various platforms and using all kinds of licensing forms.

In no specific order the projects below are more or less a full list of all these personal projects.


I made ConquerCam as a simple webcam upload tool for Windows. When I started development only a few others existed where “webcam32” were the most popular one. However the UI was so bad that I didn’t wanted to use it and so in the beginning of April 2000 I started doing some research on how to make an alternative – on May 25, 2000 ConquerCam 1.0 was released.

ConquerCam was a decent success and with a $10 registration fee, a lot of people found it a great alternative to webcam32 which was priced much higher (can’t remember the exact price). With success comes a need of improving and adding more features and thus I worked more or less consistently on improving ConquerCam until end of 2003.


In my early years I was interested in fonts and used a lot of times finding the best one for my web sites. Since it wasn’t possible to test out paragraphs of text easily I created FontLister allowing me to test a full paragraph of text with all fonts installed.

After releasing version 1.0 I got a lot of requests and I started adding more and more features over the coming years. Originally priced at $5 bucks it was a real bargain since most other competitors were either really bad or priced 10x my price.

After a couple of versions FontLister was able to manage both ATM and TTF formats, had several view modes for showing installed fonts, character glyph inspectors as well as extensive support for printing and previewing “font books”.